Easter traditions

Since I am behind on my blog, this post will seem a little out of season but I wanted to share some of our Easter traditions we have begun with our family of four.  We like to spend a day focused on the reason we celebrate Easter (that God sent his son, Jesus, to die on the cross to save the world from sin so that we might have everlasting life with Him.  Jesus rising from the dead on the third day is such a joyous reason for celebration!) but we also want to celebrate Easter with some of the nonreligious traditions like Easter baskets and coloring eggs!


Easter baskets this year consisted of a book, stuffed animal, and some treats.  We decided last year that William needed a beach bucket so we used that for his Easter basket.  I couldn’t find an Easter basket I liked for him this year so we used the bucket again.


Coloring Easter eggs is such a fun, creative time for the family!  We enjoy trying different types of decorations out like wraps, crayons, dye, and stickers!



There must be food on holidays but we try on Easter Sunday for our food to have some sort of significance.  This year, Scott made an Empty tomb with the stone rolled away out of toast and a fried egg.


This food as far as I know has no religious significance but I loved a reason to make deviled eggs!  There were only four of us to eat them so I did not make a full plateful.


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