Baby animal/Noah’s ark themed Baby Shower

I “hosted” a baby animal and Noah’s ark themed baby shower for my sister-in-law and so I got to bake and craft to my heart’s content!  I love doing event planning but I stress my family out in the process.  Here is some of what I came up with for this fun theme:


I did two different banners for the event using supplies from Michael’s.  I made a baby banner for above the food table with some cute animal toys and books i already had as decor.  Then I hung a “mama to be” banner behind a rocker where she was opening her gifts.  We used balloons attached to stuffed animals for table centerpieces.


I also made a diaper cake which doubled as a decoration and gift with items that were on her registry.  I posted a link to the method I used for rolling the diapers together.  I had some trouble with my pans being to close to the same size so my two top tiers are almost the same size.  I had the guests bring books instead of cards so she has some baby books to start her collection.




The mama-to-be’s favorite dessert is cheesecake so I made three different types of mini cheesecakes:  turtle cheesecake with oreo crust, raspberry swirl with graham cracker crust and cookies and cream with oreo crust, of course.  This was my first attempt at the raspberry swirl and turtle cheesecake so I was happy they turned out!  We handed out bags of animal crackers as a favor and we played a baby animal game and two other generic baby shower games.


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