We spent the month of January with lots of snow (around 30 inches total in Detroit).  I really wanted snow in December and I was disappointed to find out that we don’t get that much snow on this side of Michigan.  Apparently this year, we got all of our snow in a 2 month window.  The kids and I got outside and went sledding, made snow angels and drank hot chocolate.  I left my greenery and lights on my balcony so I could plug them in when it snowed.  My parents visited at the beginning of February and built a snowman with the kids.

DSC_0120 IMG_5850

In other Russell news, Scott got a contract job at a company near Lake St. Claire.  He began working there the second full week of January.  I was thrilled to finally be putting some money back in our bank account and that we didn’t have to resort to him getting a job in another field just to pay the bills.

We also started gong to a new group called a missional community that stemmed out of our church this month.  Mike Breen has worked with missional churches in the UK and United States for 25 years.  He describes a missional community as “a group of 20 to 50 people who exist, in Christian community, to reach either a particular neighborhood or network of relationships. With a strong value on life together, the group has the expressed intention of seeing those they are in relationship with choose to start following Jesus through this more flexible and locally incarnated expression of the church. They exist to bring heaven to the particular slice of earth they believe God has given them to bless. The result is usually the growth and multiplication of more Missional Communities. These MCs are networked within a larger church community allowing for both a scattered and gathered church. These mid-sized communities, led by laity, are lightweight and low maintenance and most often meet 3-4 times a month in their missional context. Each MC attends to the three dimensions of life that Jesus himself attended to: Time with God (worship, prayer, scripture, teaching, giving thanks, etc), time with the body of believers building a vibrant and caring community, and time with those who don’t know Jesus yet.”  Our missional community is about 10-15 young married couples right now.  We were meeting in a house but we outgrew that location with the number of kids so we are meeting at the church right now.  We are enjoying getting to know a smaller group of people in our community near Royal Oak.