Christmas lights, cookie decorating and an edible nativity

We spent a lot of time as a family during the month of December!  Elizabeth and I made sugar cookies.  This was my first time to use all of my Wilton cookie cutters.  Elizabeth wanted to do one of each!  We took them with us to my mom’s house at the end of the month when we visited so that we could decorate them together.

DSC_0029 (2)

We didn’t have space or the money for a Christmas tree this year so we made our own on the wall.  I strung the lights up with masking tape and then Elizabeth and I made fruit loop garland and some homemade ornaments from school and church.

DSC_0038_1 DSC_0046

We were supposed to meet some friends in Rochester for dinner and a tour of lights but they ended up not being able to make it.  The four of us enjoyed dinner at Panera Bread (Elizabeth’s favorite restaurant) and then we took a car tour of the city of Rochester’s lights.  Each business on main street uses strands of light to light up the fronts of their buildings.  What a great festive idea!


Our homemade Christmas continued as we made Christmas cards for all of the immediate family from the kids.  William did hand print Christmas trees and Elizabeth made a Christmas tree, lights and wreaths out of fingerprints.


On Christmas Day, Scott and I try to teach the kids in different ways about Jesus’ birth and the reason that we celebrate Christmas.  This year, we attempted an edible nativity.  We wanted all of the foods to be things we were ok with the kids eating so we got little sausages, animal crackers, carrots and ranch dip, pretzel sticks, graham crackers and mini marshmallows.  Scott told them the story and when each part of the story ended, they got to eat the characters.  William especially liked eating the sheep (mini marshmallows).   DSC_0101

We visited our Indiana family the last week in December/first week of January.  We got to see all of the immediate family plus two of my aunts and an uncle.  I made the Christmas tree folded napkin below for one of our Christmas get-togethers.  I also got to spend two days kid free with my two best friends.  One was in town from Ohio and the other had flown in after Christmas from Denver, CO.  We enjoyed spending New Year’s Eve together.

DSC_0028 (2)


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