Sushi, Dream Cruise and Eastern Market

August has flown by, but I am really looking forward to fall, so I am ok with that!  This month we played hard with friends and family!  We finally trekked into Detroit to visit Eastern Market.  It was like being in another country with people selling their wares as far as you could see.  We parked and walked around all morning.  We tasted edible flowers that go in a salad mix, locally roasted coffee, cheese, caprese salad, and Armenian honey bread.  We walked over to the river and had some more coffee.  On the way home, we were hungry and happened to pass by Noble Fish, a local Japanese grocery store and sushi restaurant.  We decided to try it out since many had suggested it for local sushi.  We had to wait awhile in a small space with two toddlers but it was worth the wait.  We took our sushi home due to the size of the restaurant and enjoyed some sushi rolls and nagiri.  We took our sister and brother-in-law back there this weekend and enjoyed our second round of sushi!

Last but not least, we drove over to Royal Oak to see the Dream Cruise parade.  By the time we parked and walked a mile, we saw the second half of the parade. We did get to see many antique or classic cars cruising the famous Woodward Ave.  You really could sit anywhere on Woodward Avenue between Detroit and Pontiac to see the cruising cars.



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