A Day in the Life of a Mommy with 2 sick kids

Thursday, Elizabeth started showing signs of a cold (runny nose).  Friday, William seemed to also have a cold.  By Saturday night, Scott and I also had sore throats and seemed to have the start of colds.  Elizabeth’s cold progressed with a cough and so we all decided to stay home from church on Mother’s Day.  Scott made me breakfast in bed.  Then, we got takeout from Noodles and Company (spicy food is so yummy when you have a cold).  Scott made Ramen with tofu, green onions, and mushrooms for dinner.

(Warning:  details about sickness…do not read if you are easily grossed out by bodily fluids) Monday is when things got crazy for me.  Scott got up with Elizabeth and made her breakfast.  He left at 7:30 and so I got up and fed William and I breakfast.  Elizabeth ate only one bit of her “PBJ toastwich” before Scott left so I coaxed her to eat the rest of that.  They played for awhile and then I fed William “mommy milk” before I put him down for his nap.  Elizabeth decided she needed to go potty but I told her she had just gone and she needed to wait until I was done putting William down for a nap.  She actually did have to go apparently because she peed in the hallway.  I told her it was not her fault and it was ok.  We moved on with our day after I cleaned up the mess.  At lunchtime, she starts coughing and throws up her lunch.  Mess #2 that Mommy has to clean up.  I felt bad for her because I know how hard it is to eat when you are coughing so hard.  I have to give her a bath to make sure to get everything out of her hair.  William also coughs up part of his dinner (baby gag reflex).  By the way, I do give her homemade cough syrup (honey and cinnamon) and have her drink lots of water but unfortunately there is not much more to be done for a toddler except Vick’s on the chest at bedtime.  Monday night, we do her bedtime routine and she goes to sleep.  Before we go to bed, she wakes up coughing and throws up again…blah!  We get to do another quick bath because the yucky stuff is in her hair.  We take off her new comforter and sheets.  I get her tucked back in bed with clean pajamas, clean blanket and make sure she is comfortable.  This happened again last night but I was prepared with a bucket and I stayed in her room until she was settled down.  Scott was dealing with William both night when this happened and she doesn’t want much to do with Daddy when she is sick.  I have to admit that I am glad she wants me when she is sick but I don’t ever want my kids to be sick.  We are resting up this week in hopes we will feel better by the weekend.


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