Packing, Purging, Apartment Hunting and Saying “Goodbye”

The next two weeks were a flurry of activity.  I started telling people at my job that I would be leaving in two weeks.  I starting sorting things in the garage and purging everything from the last eight years.  I made a giant delivery of girl’s clothes to Once Upon a Child and stocked up on spring clothes for the kids.  My niece got some of the girl’s clothes, first, of course.  I gave the boy’s clothes to a friend who needed baby boy clothes because she had a girl first like me.  I gave my maternity clothes away to some pregnant friends.  We took a giant load of not useful cardboard boxes to recycling.  We finally have half of our garage back now that we are moving!  Next, I started making piles of items to be taken to a family garage sale, items that were going to be packed in our truck, and yard work items that were going to be left behind.

Scott started contacting people in the area about places to rent.  We got in contact with a realtor who suggested we look at Somerset Apartments in Troy, MI.  She said they were family friendly and reasonably priced.  We made an appointment to drive up and look at them on Saturday, April 12.  We sent our daughter off to one of the grandparents’ houses and took our nine month old son with us.  We weren’t sure how our son would travel but we knew we had to get up to Troy by the afternoon.  We left as soon as we were all up and dressed.  We stopped for breakfast in Fishers and finally found lunch in Ohio.  The 4 1/2 hour trip took 6 hours with all of the stops we needed to make to take care of our son and ourselves.  Despite the fact that our map app stopped working, we were able to find the apartment complex of over 2,000 units.  A leasing agent took us to see one “small” three bedroom and one “large” three bedroom that were available immediately.  I loved the feel of the larger apartment but neither had ideal layouts or kitchen space.  We decided to go for the budget friendly smaller one  We had gone to the bank that morning and taken the money out for a deposit so we would be prepared.  We signed a contract and put down a deposit on an apartment.

The next week was spent packing and tying up loose ends.  I packed all of the decorations and unnecessary items first.  We started piling boxes in our living room.  We brought all of the boxes in from the garage.  We opened each once and insure they were packed for moving and then taped them up.  We had to make a few runs to Office Depot for more packing tape and packing paper.  On Tuesday (4/15), I had my last Campus Life club at Southport Middle School.  It was sad to leave so many people that I had worked with for years but there is a season for everything.  On Thursday (4/17), we had some out of town company and so we ate picnic style in our living room.  This was our last cooked meal at our Indianapolis home.  We packed the dishes and small appliances up  on Friday.  We bought minimal groceries for breakfast that didn’t require cooking.  We started contacting a company about leasing our house and we made an appointment to for someone to pick up our cable internet box.

Saturday and Sunday (4/19-4/20), we set aside to spend time with family for the Easter weekend.  We enjoyed spending some quality time with both sides of the family but it was bittersweet knowing we would be leaving the next week to go out of state.  It was really cute watching Elizabeth hunt for Easter eggs at my in-law’s house and play with an older girl next door at my parent’s house. William enjoyed getting to play with his cousin Lilly who is 12 days younger than him.  I loved eating ham, potatoes, deviled eggs, and, of course dessert at both houses.


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