Moving Week

Monday, the moving truck was scheduled to come between 2 and 4 pm.  We still had a lot of final items to pack like all of the beds and bedding.  The movers called around 3:30 pm to say they would be on their way after they took a dinner break.  I got really cranky at this point and so Scott sent me out on a frappe run.  I felt much better after my coffee drink and was glad that the rain came before the movers did.  We decided to order Chinese and eat it while the two guys loaded our stuff so I took Elizabeth to go get our regular Chinese order (shrimp mai fun, moo shu pork, and crab rangoon).  We had a picnic on the porch with the kids.  Scott directed the movers and I fed William some baby food.  Elizabeth finished eating and enjoyed running around outside while we tried to stay out of the way of the movers.           Image

By the time the movers left, it was time to make up beds for the kids on the floor.  We all had sleeping mats and blankets or sleeping bags.  We were all packed like sardines into Elizabeth’s old room but everyone was pretty happy.  Mommy and Daddy enjoyed Smirnoffs after the kids went to bed and then slept so we would be rested for the drive the next day.  Image

Tuesday morning, we got up at 6 am and started packing waterproof things into the back of the truck (kids were still asleep).  We then packed the inside of the truck with our valuable electronics like TV, computer, and keyboard.  The car was packed with mostly kids’ stuff and we packed snacks for both vehicles.  I packed coolers up with the remnant of our fridge and freezer.  It took us a little longer than we thought because we didn’t end up leaving until 8:30 AM.  We ate a little before we left and then snacked while the kids slept in the car.  We were pleasantly surprised that were able to drive 2 hours without stopping.  We stopped for a lunch of ham and cheese on bagels and got gas at a gas station.  On the road again, we were able to make until Michigan without stopping.  We stopped at the Michigan visitors center for a potty stop and for the kids to play on the playground a little.  We needed to make it to the leasing office between 3 and 6 pm to pick up our keys and then meet the moving truck.  We made it by 3 pm and so we had no problems signing the final paperwork and getting our keys.  We drive over to our new apartment and have trouble getting in the outer door.  When we arrive upstairs at our apartment, we realize that we have the wrong keys.  We call maintenance and they let us in our apartment.  They replace our dead bolt and give us new keys.  The movers arrive and start bringing our furniture and then boxes upstairs.  I make a run for food.  I find Noodles and Company a few blocks away and order for the three of us.  William eats baby food while Elizabeth chows down on Mac&Cheese.  Scott and I try out the new spicy soup with chicken and a spicy pad thai with tofu.  I liked the soup better so Scott ate the pad thai.  The movers brought all of our boxes into our living room.  They deliver the furniture to the rooms we direct them to.  We try to start taking boxes to the right rooms.  We get some of Elizabeth and William’s toys unpacked.  The movers accidentally hit a globe in the hallway outside our apartment while moving in our bookshelves.  Luckily no one was hurt.  One of our screens pops out when we open a window so we end up calling maintenance a total of three times our first day.  After the movers leave, Scott puts together the kids’ beds.  Elizabeth is really excited to have a new bed in the room she picked out.  We survived our trip to Michigan and all of our stuff is in our apartment.  Now, the real works begins!


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